About Us

Code Automotive is a multi-skilled Automotive & Motorsport Engineering Consultancy headed by Managing Director, Kevin Berry. Over the years, Kevin has developed a vast wealth of experience in both the automotive engineering and motorsports fields.

Having started his career in road car vehicle design and development he went on to work for OMI, developing and presenting a bespoke training course to Ford Vehicle Development & Dynamics Engineers. This involved objective data analysis, combined with an understanding of the psychology of the evaluator, to develop the ability of the driver to make accurate subjective drive evaluations. This has given Kevin a unique understanding not only of the vehicle system, but also of the human integration with it.

From here he has worked for manufacturers of some of the most successful race cars within the British Touring Car Championship, with involvement in 6 Championship wins in 10 years. Managing, directing, and working on all aspects of race car design and development has given him a profound understanding of the important factors affecting performance, and the methods to find effective solutions with budgetary and time constraints.

Road car projects have continued to be a major part of his career within involvement in many special edition vehicle projects allied to motorsport programmes.

Our resources include a wide range of specialist & multi-skilled engineers, who are both passionate and effective, and with a wide array of expertise. Some of their key specialisms include:
•    Design – mechanical
•    Design – surfacing
•    Powertrain integration
•    Stress analysis – FEA
•    Styling – both manual / clay pattern & electronic
•    Electronics
•    Data analysis
•    Vehicle test driving: ride & handling, NVH, tyre development, benchmarking, race car evaluation

Providing solutions for automotive and motorsport engineering in Northamptonshire and beyond, Code Automotive have both the tools and the experience to deliver outstanding automotive engineering services to perfectly suit your requirements.